Some people are never satisfied and Kenneth Branagh, one of the most successful actors and directors of all-time, counts himself amongst that number.

As he revealed to FourFourTwo back in September 1999, he would much rather have been playing for Spurs than treading the boards at the Old Vic or knocking out another Oscar contender in a film studio somewhere.

Recalling the night when he was in a production of ‘King Lear’ in a tent in Norwich – presumably promoted by Alan Partridge – he remembered that it coincided with quite a big football match. England v West Germany, World Cup semi-final, 1990.

Branagh recalls that the TV was on backstage, the actors on stage being kept up to date on the penalty shootout by a stagehand giving them the thumbs up or down from the side of the stage.

“Richard Briers was playing King Lear,” remembered Branagh. “He was in tears when Gazza got booked. All of us bloody actors get very emotional.”

You can read more from dear Kenny here.

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