Nothing perks up a magazine like a columnist with plenty to say and no reticence in saying it. In the equestrian world, has there ever been anybody better at that than Harvey Smith?

In October 1987, ‘Horse & Hound’ signed up Harvey to pen a regular column in its pages, and right from the off, he was straight into his stride.

“If we had up to date officials, we might get more horse sense.”

“They’ve nearly killed off the top end of the sport…the same dull faces doing the same dull thing, with dull commentaries.”

“The Horse of the Year Show has got to be for the horse people and the public…it’s lost some of the magic Col. Sir Mike Ansell gave it.”

You can read Harvey Smith’s first ‘Horse & Hound’ column here – and then you can start digging into the rest. He didn’t quieten down any…

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