There was much rejoicing in Miami at the start of the month when Lando Norris finally won his first F1 Grand Prix at the 110th attempt, seeing off the challenge of Max Verstappen in is McLaren.

The rivalry between the two of the goes back a decade and more, both excelling in karting, Norris the world champion in 2014. Such was his prowess that he found himself photographed in the October 23 edition of Autosport that year as a potential driver in the following year’s MSA Formula single seater championship.

Run under the auspices of the FIA, it was effectively Formula 4, but there was much disquiet about the idea, as you can read here. Chief amongst them was the idea that 15-year-olds such as Norris might be biting off more than they could chew.

Former F1 driver Jonathan Palmer noted that, “I actually think it is unnecessary for 15-year-olds to be racing single-seaters. The idea of a pack of 15-year-olds racing wheel-to-wheel at up to 150mph around Thruxton, for example, is pretty terrifying.”

There was no stopping Norris though. Racing for Team Carlin, he won the title in 2015, winning eight of the 30 races to amass 413 points. It might not be the last title he wins.

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