There’ll be another record in the book on Sunday afternoon assuming Lewis Hamilton takes his place on the starting grid in Montreal for the Canadian Grand Prix – he’ll overtake Jenson Button’s existing mark as the British driver with the longest F1 career.

Button’s record stood at 17 years, two months and eight days, a record Hamilton will breach, appropriately enough, at the circuit where he won his first ever F1 race back in 2007, his debut season with McLaren.

Lewis’ win in Montreal sent Autosport into overdrive, producing a 14 page Hamilton special as they rightly realised that this kid was going to be something special. Among those called in to give a verdict on the youngster were Stirling Moss and Jackie Stewart, who both knew a bit about taking a car rapidly around a circuit.

“I’m flattered people are comparing me with Lewis…he is just an enjoyable person – the biggest breath of fresh air in the 60 years I’ve been connected to the sport,” said Moss, while Stewart noted, “The first win does alter things, but Lewis has the mind-management to deal with that. There’s no question Lewis is going to be a big, big star.”

You can read more from the old masters, and Autosport’s other writers, about what to expect from this new kid on the block here.

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