Colin Montgomerie has announced that he will not be looking to qualify for one last Open appearance, accepting that the sheer distance that today’s players hit the ball makes it impossible for him to compete at the age of 60.

Monty has been a regular in the pages of ‘Golf Monthly’ for nigh on 40 years now and in March 1997, he was given the honour of sitting in the editor’s chair for a month.

He used the editorial opportunity to hand out a few trenchant views on course design – “Water is for the sea!” – argued that caddies should be banned from clubhouses, and paid tribute to a number of his contemporaries including Tiger Woods, Mark James and Howard Clark.

His biggest problem seemed to be getting into the office. “When it took me over two hours, I was stressed out by the time I arrived. Anyone who has to commute to work every day of their working life has my full sympathy.”

You can see what you make of Monty’s work as editor here.

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