Even the very best of them get it wrong occasionally, as this Autosport front cover illustrates only too well.

Competing in the first round of the 1989 British Rally Championship, Colin McRae ended up driving his Ford RS Cosworth on two wheels for a moment. It got considerably worse as the car rolled all the way over.

McRae’s misadventures – including a failed driveshaft – helped David Llewellin and co-driver Phil Short win the Cartel Rally in the Toyota Team GB Celica GT-Four. As Autosport’s report promised, “It could be a classic season.”

That edition of Autosport featured a fascinating interview with an up and coming young driver called Carlos Sainz – no, not that one, his dad. The future double world rally champ noted that, “I like races. I especially like Formula 1 and usually follow all the races. Perhaps that is where my future may lie!”

Yes Carlos, but not quite how you thought…

Read all about the ups and downs of rallying here.

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