The end of the regular football season is approaching, but don’t despair, the summer will be full of the European Championships.

Gareth Southgate will be talking England to his fourth major championships, having taken on the job following the departure of Roy Hodgson and the swift demise of Sam Allardyce in 2016.

Before all of that, back in July 2012, Southgate subjected himself to the “One-On-One” interview treatment from FourFourTwo, answering readers’ questions. One of them, from Paul Hammond in Wolverhampton, asked if her had any ambitions to manage England.

“That’s a job for someone with massive experience, so to do that you would have to go away and manage at club level for a long time, and get European experience too. That would be a long, long way off.”

Or maybe not.

You can read more of Southgate’s answers, including his thoughts on pizza ads, being stamped on by Roy Keane and the best striker he ever played against here.

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