While certain golf clubs have taken a great deal of persuading to adopt genuine equality within their environs, Golf Monthly was very quick to recognise the ability of female golfers within its pages.

The January 1920 issue, among the earliest to feature an original cover after years where the same illustration would suffice for months on end, not only featured a young woman trying to keep her hands warm before sinking a wintry putt, it also included a round-up of ‘Ladies’ Golf In 1919’.

Penned by Miss Cecil Leitch, herself a formidable player and a three-time winner of the Women’s Amateur Championship, she was modesty incarnate over her victory in the English Ladies’ Close Championship at St Anne’s-on-Sea, noting that in the final, “There is little of interest to write about this thirty-six hole match, except that Mrs Dobell allowed me to retain my title chiefly through being on most unfriendly terms with her putter!”

You can read more about ‘Ladies’ Golf In 1919’ here.

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